Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Hi ya’ll. My name is Alejandra but everyone knows me by Alex. For those who do not know me and for those who do, welcome to Ms Ále.

I am a thirty one year old, living in El Paso TX. I am currently single, with no children about to start my MA in Teaching English at UTEP. I have two brothers, two step brothers and two stepsisters. I believe I am ready for my next pet!

Currently I have decided to congregate to my church Vino Nuevo. My change has not been an easy task, nor it has been the most difficult one. It is a well balance of both. I have always known the Lord's word, but chosen to be part of the world instead.

For those who know me, I understand why this radical change is hard to understand and believe. I was not very liked back in the day, many of you probably still dislike me. I was your typical bully party girl who meant bad and did not care about anything or anyone. Then life happened and the world began to get harder and harder.

One day I was sitting at home on a Friday, thinking on how my Fridays used to be when I was 21, or even 18! Full of malice, and bad habits. Now I enjoy my Friday nights watching Netflix. And it was all good, because well I am old, I figured. No.

As the years tested me with real life situations, I slowly started to change my lifestyle. I began to search for other friendships, I began to have an employment routine. I began to be part of the world. Living, but not being alive. Living to survive.

I kept thinking, maybe I should find a boyfriend and get married and start a family, I mean everyone else is doing it! Wrong. Maybe I should change my attitude and my appearance, I will love myself a little more. Wrong. Maybe I should spend more time with family, less with friends. Wrong. Maybe I should do what I am passionate about. Wrong. Maybe I should actually get real career. Wrong.

I did all of the above, yet my heart continued to have this empty space.
Nowhere in my list, was the lack of God. That was never a thought.

Now you should know, if you do not know me, that everyone is my family is connect and children of God. My family is Christian and Catholic. It is a mixture of both, therefore I am surrounded by believers. It does not matter which religion you preach, we all believe in one God. Every single person would pressure me to attend mass, or the services, or bible study or seminars or Quermeses! Everyone!
It was exhausting. It was annoying.

I kept thinking:

“I believe in God.
I have my own relationship with God.
I do not need to attend church.”
“That is religion, it is like a cult!”
“I do not need to be judged!”   
“I pray!”

I never really understood the concept. I never really listened.

Last year I experienced the power of prayer.
One of my close friends, came to me with a problem, which I was not able to help. I felt impotent. Useless. I came to my aunt and uncle who have been Christians for like ever, and they guided me correctly to pray for my friend. I did. Every night for almost a year. I kept her in my prayers. After a year, when I asked if her problem was yet stealing her peace and dreams, and she answered, “Since I've told you, I am able to sleep.” At that moment, I realized how prayer and faith can help others.

Remember that emptiness I felt?
It filled up with this eternal liberation. I felt a sincere happiness in my heart. I craved it. I wanted to be drunk with that happiness.

Last year during Christmas I came to a holiday music event at my Dad’s church, where I for the first time, opened my heart and devotion to the Lord. While I listened to my favorite Christmas carols, I made a promise to always be thirsty for the Lord.

I wanted to share my testimony first with all of you friends, family and strangers. It might not be your typical hit bottom addict who found God on toast, but I am a simple person who thought life was great by checking all the “correct norms” society has placed for us to follow. I was missing something that is free, but is the most expensive and richest to achieve!

I had originally decided to create this space to share raw intimate stories about women. To understand and connect to one another, now I want to share a variety of tales for all those who need some faith in their hearts.

Thank you all for reading this blog.
Stay posted because this Friday we begin this magical journey.
Blessings all!!!